About us and how we came to be

​​​​​​Happy Name-labels - www.happyhappyhappy.co.uk has been set-up by Mark and Anita Taylor to meet a need for new refreshing ideas for name labels for children.

The idea came to us when our own three children started pre-school and school. When we started looking for name labels for them we couldn't find anything that our children would find interesting and fun and decided to produce our own, we already produce labels for business use through our own company, Colorphaze

When our kids took the labels to school on their own kit, their friends were straight on the case with 'where did you get them?' and after school in the play ground we heard the familiar 'I want them, Mum'. It was then that we realised we were on to something that kids liked and parents appreciated too. Our aim has also been to offer fun, vibrant, best quality name labels at an affordable price, we know that having a family is expensive.

We set about designing a full range to give plenty of choice, with hundreds of combinations of colours and logos, we then produced some samples for the 'I want them' friends to test for us. They were then subjected to lengthy testing on different products ranging from spoons to lunch boxes, drinks bottles to shoes. Lots of the items were tested in various dishwashers and because of the exceptionally high quality of the materials used, they passed with flying colours.

We really hope you like our range of name labels and please remember that the range is growing, so bookmark the site and visit us again soon.