Stick on clothing labels

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    Stick on clothing labels

    These really are super sticky - Stick them to clothing wash tags. The quick and easy way to label clothing.

    Our stick on clothing name labels are designed to do a job as easily as possible. Simply stick to the Polyester wash tag label in any item of clothing and you are ready to go.

    Whilst these are plain and simple, they stick well and are more multi use than any of our other stickers. They’re designed to stick to the wash tag label of your clothing but can also double up as a regular name label on other products such as lunchboxes and drinks bottles.

    These are an all round favourite.

    •   Plain and simple
    •   Quick and easy to use
    •   Highest quality cast vinyl
    •   Fade resistant inks
    •   Waterproof

    Label size is 25mm x 10mm and they come in a pack of 90 labels making these ideal to label an entire school uniform and sports kit with plenty to spare.

    Whilst these are a simple looking label, we will size your name to best suit the label and make it as easy as possible to read, whether that be in a single line for a shorter name or split across two lines, where necessary.

    You've been asking for them for sometime and now we have them, a name label that doesn't need sewing or ironing in to clothing, simply stick it in and go.

    Follow the very simply instructions on each pack for outstanding wear and durability.

    If however you prefer, we do also offer iron on name labels.

    Condition: New

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