Stick On Name Labels

A design to suit everyone in our extensive range of stick on name labels.

A bright, vibrant and long lasting name label will not only be appealing to children and adults alike but also ensures that the belonging it is attached to, will be returned to its rightful owner, quickly and without fuss. Children in particular will feel more confident when their own things are easily identified among everyone else’s and love the individuality of their own name label sticker.

It’s also important to ensure belongings of someone going in to long term care are labelled, often in a clear and concise way, check out our simply skinny labels for this purpose. They don’t come with logos but the choice of typeface means you can have a clearly labelled personal belonging that is easily identified.

With a wide range of beautiful colours and logos to choose from, there really is something to suit all ages and interests.

•   Beautiful, vibrant colours
•   Produced on the highest quality vinyl
•   Printed with fade resistant inks
•   Waterproof
•   Safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave
•   Over-laminates are also available for those heavy wear items, such as shoes

Each order is bespoke to you and our designers will work to achieve the best looking name label from your selection of colours, style and logos but please do tell us if you have any specific requirements. For example, if someone is partially sighted, we can make the text as large as possible to help them see it and also make sure that the contrast between text and background is optimised.

If you have ordered from us before, you will notice we have given an option now to select no over-laminates if you are sure you won't require them. We do have an option to order over-laminates separately but this does work out more expensive than ordering with your labels.

These particular name labels are not suitable for use in clothing, please see our Iron On or Stick In clothing name labels for this.